78th Annual Conference Sessions and Workshops
Friday, February 26 (Overview)

Event Descriptions for Friday

All-Day Course
(11:00 am-1:30 pm & 2:45-5:15 pm-Eastern)

C3. Psychodrama: The Magic of Growth and Change
Shelley Firestone (Korshak), MD, CGP, FAGPA

All-Day Workshops
(11:00 am-1:30 pm & 2:45-5:15 pm-Eastern)

Workshop 31a. Therapists as Racial Beings Leading Groups with People of Color Across the Lifespan

Robin Dean, PsyD
Kathleen Isaac, PhD
Colette McLean, MSW, LCSW
Archandrea Owens, PhD
Rachelle Rene, PhD, BCB, HSMI

Master Workshop 32a. Yearning for Connection: Seeking Belonging and Intimacy Despite Isolation
Joan-Dianne Smith, MSW, RSW, FCGPA
Allan Sheps, MSW, RSW, CGP, FCGPA

Workshop 33a. Virtual Large Study Group
Suma Jacob, MD, PhD
Jeffrey Roth, MD, CGP, FAGPA
Janice Wagner, MSW, LICSW

Workshop 34a. Introduction to Modern Group Process in the Current Climate
Alice Brown, PsyD, CGP
Chris Dolin, LCSW

Morning Open Sessions
1 ½ Hour Open Sessions
(11:00 am 12:30 pm-Eastern)

204-5. Astronaut Groups in Space: Implications for Group Therapy and COVID-19
Nick Kanas, MD CGP-R, FAGPA
Les Greene, PhD, CGP, DLFAGPA, Discussant

Morning Open Sessions
2 ½ Hour Open Sessions
(11:00 am-1:30 pm-Eastern)

306. I, Too, Sing America: Identity and Difference in Group Life
Francis Kaklauskas, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Sophia Aguirre, PhD, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Willard Ashley, DMin, CGP
Reggie Nettles, PhD, CGP
Keith Rand, LMFT, CGP, FAGPA

307. Group Psychotherapy as Specialized Practice: Training Implications
Noelle Lefforge, PhD, MHA, CGP, Chair
Nina Brown, EdD, LPC, NCC, DFAGPA
Gary Burlingame, PhD, CGP, FAGPA
Eleanor Counselman, EdD, ABPP, CGP, DLFAGPA
Joshua Gross, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA
Mikhail (Misha) Bogomaz, PsyD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA

308. Dutch Design--Practice Guidelines for Group Treatment: Contemporary Group Treatment in The Netherlands
Pepijn Steures, MD, CGP, Chair
Anne Marie Claassen, MSc
William de Haas, MSc
Charles Huffstadt, MSc
Laura van Groenendael, MD
Silvia Pol, MA
Niels Tinga, MD, NVGP

Morning Workshops
1 ½ Hour Workshops
(11:00 am-12:30 pm-Eastern)

Workshop 35-5. Towards an Inclusive Framework for Teaching Group Psychotherapy Online
David Songco, PsyD, CGP,
Lindsey Randol, PsychD

Workshop 36-5. Life Staging®- An Opportunity to See, Feel and Hear Beyond Your Prejudices!
Elisabet Wollsén, MSc, Psych

Morning Workshops
2 ½ Hour Workshops
(11:00 am-1:30 pm-Eastern)

Workshop 37. Coming Alive: From Stagnation to Vitality in Group Process
Angelo Ciliberti, PsyD, CGP

Workshop 38. I’d Rather Go Out for Tacos: Our Emotional Resistance to Climate Change
Anna Graybeal, PhD, CGP

Workshop 39. Survival Roles During Times of Crisis: Exploring Them Together
Susan Beren, PhD

Workshop 40. To Err is Human: Embracing the Imperfect Therapist
Charlene Pratt, LCPC, CGP

Workshop 41. Focused Brief Group Therapy: Integrating Art and Science to Optimize Outcomes
Martyn Whittingham, PhD, FAGPA

Workshop 42. Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodrama, & Process Group Therapy: A Blended Experiential Model
Thomas Treadwell, EdD, CGP, TEP
Deborah Dartnell, MSOD, MA

Workshop 43. Interpersonal Neurobiology, Courage, and High Performing Teams (AGPA Leadership Track)
Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC, CGP
Rachel Stephens, PsyD

Workshop 44. The Group Therapist's Journey through Spirituality, Religion, and Existential Meaning Making
Rosalind Forti, MSW, PhD
Lorraine Mangione, PhD

Workshop 45. "Soul Siblings” & “Invincible Black Women”: The Need and Power of Black Womxn Groups at Predominantly White Institutions
Kimberly Burdine, PhD
Analesa Clarke, PhD

Afternoon Open Sessions
1 ½ Hour Open Sessions
(2:45 pm 4:15 pm-Eastern)

205-5. Plentiful, Enough and None at All: Case Examples of Resource Allocation to Group Psychotherapy Training in Psychiatry Residency
Seamus Bhatt- Mackin, MD, FAPA, CGP
Meenakshi Denduluri, MD
Mariam Rahmani, MD, FAPA, DFAACAP
Joe Wise, MD, CGP
Brian Wu, MD, PhD

Afternoon Open Sessions
2 ½ Hour Open Sessions
(2:45 pm-5:15 pm-Eastern)

309. Women and Aggression: History, Healing and Power
Jeanne Bunker, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA, Co-Chair
Jan Morris, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA, Co-Chair
Alexis Abernethy, PhD, CGP, FAGPA
Nanine Ewing, PhD, BC-DMT, CGP, FAGPA
Nancy Kelly, PhD, MSSW, CGP, FAGPA

310. Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Joseph R. Miles, PhD, Co-Chair
Zipora Shechtman, PhD, DFAGPA, Co-Chair
Rainer Weber, PhD, Co-Chair

311. A Tale of Two Cities: Pandemic Response Narratives from New York and Chicago

Marcia Nickow, PsyD, CADC, CGP, Chair
Stephanie Friedman, MD
Rachel Kaplan
Nelly Katsnelson, MD, CGP

Afternoon Workshops
1 ½ Hour Workshops
(2:45 pm-4:15 pm-Eastern)

Workshop 46-5. On the Topic of Starting Interpersonal Process Groups in Private Practice
Jeff Grossman, LPC-MHSP, CGP

Workshop 47-5. Psychologically Need Supportive Leadership: Thriving Groups with Action Motivation
Ozge Kantas, PhD

Workshop 48-5. Together Through Song: The Power of Communal Singing to Elevate Mood and increase Connection
Geraldine Alpert, PhD, CGP, LFAGPA

Afternoon Workshops
2 ½ Hour Workshops
(2:45 pm-5:15 pm-Eastern)

Workshop 49. Encountering the “Other” in Group Therapy
Simon Bresler, LCSW, CGP
Kerin Nadler, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT, CGP

Master Workshop 50. Attachment-Focused Somatic Experiencing Group Psychotherapy
Carlos Canales, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop 51. Gaslighting as an Example of Ethical and Clinical Boundary Violations
Robert Pepper, LCSW, PhD, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop 52. “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”  An Exploration of Sibling Dynamics: How They Influence the Roles We Take and the People We Become in Groups
Brett Kociol, PsyD
Yair Kramer, PsyD
Terri Lipkin, PsyD
Benjamin Mueller, PsyD

Workshop 53. Balint Groups: A Facilitated Group Experience to Enhance Clinician Empathy and Explore Patient-Provider Relationships in Medical Settings and Beyond
Katherine Margo, MD
Jeffrey Sternlieb, PhD
Kathy Ulman, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA
Alan Witkower, EdD, CGP

Workshop 54. What's the Fun of Functional Subgrouping? I'd Rather Fight
Dayne Narretta, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAGPA
Deborah Woolf

Workshop 55. Sensory Awareness and Embodied Attunement Through Movement to Music: The Royal Road to Affect and Immediacy
Suzanne Cohen, EdD, CGP-R, FAGPA

Workshop 56. Group Based Approaches to Parental Reactivity: The Parent Circle Model
David Flohr, PhD, CGP

Workshop 57. Supervision and Clinicians of Color:  Considerations of a Peer Consultation Group Model
Brenda Boatswain, PhD, CGP

Workshop 58. Explorando la Barrera Idiomática en Grupo. El Sonido de las Emociones en Español (Exploring the Language Barrier in Group: The Sound of Emotions in Spanish)
Joan Coll, MD

Large Group Open Session
(5:30 pm-6:45 pm-Eastern

LG-2: The Large Group from a Systems-Centered Framework

Susan Gantt, PhD, ABPP, CGP, DFAGPA
Mike Maher, MA, UKCP
Frances Carter, MSS, LSW
Ray Haddock, MBChB, MMedSc, FRCPsych

Robi Friedman, PhD
Also being held on Thursday (5:30-6:45 pm) and Saturday, (2:45-5:15 pm).
Attendance at all sessions is encouraged.

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