Categories of  Membership

AGPA membership is open to all mental health professionals and students who have an interest in the practice of group psychotherapy. Eligibility for each of the levels of membership is based on professional training and experience.


Clinical Member

Clinical Membership is automatically granted to those who have the CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist). For those clinical professionals who do not hold the CGP, clinical membership requires a Master's Degree, licensure, and the following: 300 hours of group psychotherapy experience and at least 75 hours of qualified group supervision. 

Clinical professionals include the following: psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, pastoral counselors, creative arts therapists, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, and school psychologists.

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Academic Member

This level of membership is available to Academians who hold at least a Master's degree in their discipline and who have held a faculty position with an accompanying academic appointment at an accredited university or college for a minimum of three years. Teaching must have included at least six courses in the areas of group therapy, theory, or behavior.

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Research Professional

For those who hold at least a Master's Degree who have published a minimum of two research papers in group studies.

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Associate Clinical Member

This level of membership is for clinical professionals with a Master's Degree in a mental health field, as well as state licensure or designated national membership or certification.

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Adjunct Member

Adjunct Members are individuals who have experience as leader or co-leader of therapeutic, educational, or consulting groups.

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Early Career Professional and Student Member

Students are those individuals who are matriculated in degree or residency programs, or individuals enrolled in certificate-granting programs in the mental health professions and allied fields. Early Career Professionals are those who graduated from such a program within the prior four years. This membership is held on a year-to-year basis and requires proof of student status annually. Special membership benefits are:

  • A special dues rate
  • 35% off member registration rates at the Annual Meeting
  • Access to research opportunities in group therapy
  • Scholarships and Grants through the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health

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Life Member: Please contact the AGPA office to verify if you qualify for life membership.