E-Learning Events

July 21 Webinar Queering Our Groups: Moving Beyond Inclusion with Joshua DeSilva, PsyD, CGP – Open for registration with CE or without CE

August 18 Webinar Somatic Resiliency in Group Psychotherapy with Boaz Feldman, MSc – Open for registration with CE  or without CE

September 15  Webinar  Antisemitism: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know with Liya Levanda, PsyD– Open for registration with CE or without CE

Engage with the work the Group Foundation funds and supports.

The communities in which we live, and work are facing a mental health crisis in which there is great need for services and a shortage of providers. Evidence is now clear that group interventions are at the forefront of treatments to heal trauma, improve individual, family, and workplace relationships, and address a variety of mental health conditions. The effectiveness and efficiency of group therapy means it can play a key role in any solution to the crisis.  The Group Foundation is dedicated to education, training, research, and community programs that assure the advancement of the most innovative group work that can enhance people’s lives. 

Please consider a gift to the Group Foundation.  All that we do is focused on our common goal of addressing the crisis of mental health needs through the use of the powerful modality that is group therapy.  Mental health is essential, and group can help.

You can also purchase the recording of "Behind the Circle:  Group Therapists Share Their Journey" with Maryetta Andrews-Sachs interviewing Macario Giraldo at https://portal.agpa.org/commerce/store?productId=AGPA-AU20240609 - all proceeds benefit the Group Foundation!


The U.S. is facing a mental health crisis. There are not enough providers for the increasing demand for mental health treatment. We at AGPA recognize this month as a time to promote mental health awareness and wellness for all. We invite you to visit our website www.agpa.org and follow us on FacebookX/TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram for resources and content. If you post on social media for Mental Health Awareness Month, please tag us @agpa01 to show your support and to be potentially reposted on AGPA's channels.

We've developed several infographics on the benefits of group that you can share broadly on your website and via social media to spread the word about the benefits of group.  Download the infographic PDFs using the link Group Therapy Is A "Triple E" Treatment  You can also share the AGPA What is Group Psychotherapy website with valuable public facing information on groups at https://www.agpa.org/home/practice-resources/what-is-group-psychotherapy- 

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