Group Interventions for Trauma: AGPA Disaster Outreach Resources

Group therapy, a widely accepted treatment option for over 50 years, is extremely beneficial in treating trauma.  Groups provide a safe, nurturing, accepting environment in which painful feelings and experiences can be shared.  Groups allow people to speak the unspeakable.  They encourage the reestablishment of trust, validate your experiences and provide access to information from others. They help rebuild self-esteem.  Most importantly, through group therapy you discover you’re not alone.  AGPA has a number of resources that can help people, including the general public, parents and clinicians, following a traumatic experience.  If you can’t find what you need please contact Public Affairs Director, Diane Feirman, CAE at or by calling 1-877-668-AGPA (2472)

Group Interventions for Treatment of Psychological Trauma (Links to electronic versions of the ten modules contained in this valuable training curriculum.)

AGPA Resources, Programs and Services in Response to Traumatic Events