Story Ideas

  • How do companies help their workforces return to normalcy at work?
    How does trauma affect employees? How can employers help employees deal with the changes and fears they face?
  • What are the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
    Is it just anxiety or a little depression? What are the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What should people—even those who just witnessed events on television—look for? Talk with trauma experts from across the country about the signs and treatment for PTSD.
  • What are the signs of stress disorders in children?
    Are stress disorders different in children? Trauma experts can help your readers/viewers know what to look for when evaluating how their children are reacting to world events today.
  • How are children dealing with recent world events?
    How are America’s children dealing with the psychological after-effects of recent events? What’s it like for them to live in a world that suddenly doesn’t feel safe? How can we help them deal with anxiety?
  • When should one seek professional help?
    In suffering from grief, stress or trauma, how does one know when to seek professional help?
  • How are survivors coping?
    Many who escape disaster suffer from survivor’s guilt. How do professionals believe they should address this situation? Can they ever recover?
  • How are professionals coping?
    Local mental health professionals are more than observers of a tragedy: they are professional psychiatrists, psychologists, emergency personnel and social workers trained to deal with trauma and difficult issues. How are they themselves coping with what they encounter on the job?