Logging Into the New AGPA Portal

AGPA has completed an upgrade to a new association management system and member ‎database. We are excited to provide you with an easier-to-use system to renew your ‎membership, register for events, update your contact information, and more. ‎

All users must complete the process below to authenticate your account ‎in the new Member Portal.‎

How to update your account:‎


Step 1: Navigate to the AGPA Member Portal by visiting portal.agpa.org. You will see a ‎dialog box that looks like the below.‎


















Step 2: Select "Set Up an Account" from the options at the top of the box (see ‎below). You will not be able to use the "forgot password" function until after you ‎completed this process for the first time. ‎ 





















Step 3: Once you have toggled to this screen, enter the email address associated with your AGPA ‎account, a new password, and your first name and last name. Then click the "Set Up" button























Step 4: After clicking SET UP you will be taken to the screen pictured below. You will then ‎receive an email from AGPA asking you to verify the email address you entered in Step 3. ‎Please click on the link within the email to confirm your new AGPA member account. ‎


Step 5: Once you have confirmed your account, you can now login to the AGPA ‎Member Portal


If you have any issues or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we ‎would be happy to assist.‎ 

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