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AGPA Member and Community Outreach Task Force Co-Chair Dr. Craig Haen was quoted in an article in Stars and Stripes Newsletter on the use of books as a tool in helping children and parents process loss.

Virtual Therapy Doesn't Have to be a Solo Mission - Here's how New Group-Based Options Can Help

*Featuring AGPA President Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, AGPA-DF

Well + Good | November 10, 2021 


Hear from Dr. Leszcz, among other experts, about how online group therapy platforms are "expanding access, in general, to mental-health resources" and can "lower the barrier to entry for mental health support." 

6 Common Types of Therapy—And How to Know Which Is Right for You

*Featuring AGPA Member Cheri Marmarosh Ph.D., AGPA-F

Self | October 5, 2021 

CaptureIn the exploration of 6 common types of therapy, the benefits and types of group therapy are outlined, as well as what participants can expect from a group therapy session. 

The Case for Group Therapy

Psychology Today | May 27, 2021 


Author Myra Altman, Ph.D., makes the case for group therapy and discusses how the form of treatment "is flexible and can be used to supplement one-on-one therapy depending on the individual patient's needs. The supportive community and opportunity to practice new skills learned in therapy are benefits of the group therapy experience.” 


Could Group Therapy Get a Boost from Psychedelics?

*Featuring AGPA President Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, AGPA-DF

Wall Street Journal | March 10, 2021 


AGPA President Dr. Molyn Leszcz is quoted in Wall Street Journal’s recent article entitled “Could Group Therapy Get a Boost from Psychedelics?” regarding new research on ‘group dosing.' 



Solace in Group Therapy for Rape Survivors of Rwandan Genocide

Yahoo News | March 2, 2021 


This video from Yahoo News showcases the power of group therapy: women survivors of genocidal rape in Rwanda meet in support groups to speak of their trauma in a safe space. 



Everyone Is Going to Group Therapy Now

by Laura B. Kasper, Ph.D. in the Bold Italic | February 10, 2021


"Everyone Is Going to Group Therapy Now: A Product of Our Social Isolation" is an outstanding blog post written by AGPA member Dr. Laura B. Kasper, Ph.D., CGP. A San Francisco-based psychologist and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Medical School, Dr. Kasper presents group therapy as a highly effective treatment for the impact of the pandemic on mental health. The piece also beautifully illustrates the effectiveness of groups in facilitating the development of relationship skills and improving emotional communication. It is an inspiring explanation of the power of group.

Doctors, Facing Burnout, Turn to Self-Care

The New York Times | January 26, 2021 


A fascinating new article about how support groups have been helping doctors, nurses and medical students cope with pandemic stress speaks to group psychotherapy's ability to transform lives for the better. As Dr. Michelle Thompson, chair of medicine for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Horizon regional health service is quoted in the article saying: “I never realized the power of group support.”

GROUP - A YouTube Series

*Featuring AGPA Distinguished Fellow Elliot Zeisel, Ph.D., LCSW, CGP, DFAGPA

YouTube | 2020-2021


You don't really know yourself until you look through someone else's eyes. In a room with Dr. Ezra, eight New Yorkers explore hidden truths about their own intimacy, loneliness, sexuality, and fears. Inspired by Irvin Yalom’s novel “The Schopenhauer Cure”, GROUP is a fly-on-the-wall experience of a kind you've never seen before. (Drama Series; first season: 7 episodes; second season: 6 episodes).

Watch the full series here.

Explore Group Therapy - Therapy Show Podcast

*Featuring AGPA President-Elect Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, AGPA-DF. | Fall 2019

therapyshow logo
The Therapy Show interviews Dr. Molyn Leszcz on the vital aspects of group therapy treatment. When facilitated with evidence-based theory, Group Therapy can help individuals make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Orthodox dads need therapy, too

by Mendel Horowitz in Jewish Telegraphic Agency | June 13, 2019

orthodox jewish men need therapy too image
In Jerusalem and in other religiously conservative settings, traditional husbands and fathers struggle within their patriarchal roles more than popular periodicals suggest. Group psychotherapy is a forum where men can interact candidly and learn from each other how to make changes to unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. This article is written by AGPA member Mendel Horowitz.

Read the full article here.

Considering Psychotherapy? Group Therapy Is Sometimes Better Than the Traditional Approach

*Featuring AGPA President-Elect Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, DFAGPA

Bottom Line Health | Feb 01, 2019

bottomlinehealth image
Dr. Leszcz addresses in-depth how groups work, the different types of groups, the significant benefits of group therapy, as well as how to find a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP).

Read the full article here.

Keys to Great Group Therapy

*Featuring AGPA Members: Gary Burlingame, Ph.D., CGP, AGPA-DF, Cheri Marmarosh, Ph.D. CGP, and Martyn Whittingham, Ph.D., CGP, FAGPA-F

by Amy Novotney in the APA Monitor | Apr 01, 2019
keys to great group therapy article

Seasoned psychologists offered their expertise in the art and skill of leading successful group therapy.

Read the full article here.

Social Anxiety? 3 Reasons to Try Group Therapy

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Jan 11, 2019
social anxiety article
Does this sound like you? Social gatherings fill you with dread. Panic starts even before you leave. You cringe at the thought of your own awkwardness, imagining all that could go wrong. As you get closer to the event, your heart races, and your palms sweat. You start to consider excuses for canceling.

Read the full article here

How to Choose the Best Group Therapy For You

*Interview with AGPA President-Elect Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, AGPA-DF.

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Jan 03, 2019
molyn article in psychology today
You’ve decided to give group therapy a try. You’ve talked to friends who have been in group therapy, researched group therapy online, maybe you’ve even got the blessing of your individual therapist. So where do you find a group that is best suited for your needs?

Read the full article here

5 Reasons Group Therapy Is the Best Choice for Struggling Teens

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Dec 15, 2017

group for teens article
Individual therapy is a wonderful tool for helping teenagers overcome their fears, improve their moods, and explore their feelings. But why do so many teens with social problems fail to benefit from individual therapy?

Read the full article here.

5 Ways Group Therapy Empowers You in Relationships

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Dec 08, 2017
ways group empowers you article

Are you tired of feeling like an outsider? Group therapy can help.
Do you get anxious or fearful in intimate exchanges? Do you become controlling, irritated, or combative? Do you feel let down or unfulfilled?

Read the full article here.

How Group Therapy Can Empty Your Basket of Troubles

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Sep 22, 2017
group can empty your basket of troubles article
The express lane to healthier relationships and lasting happiness.
So often we feel consumed by our problems. Overcome one obstacle, and another appears. Solve one dilemma, another one taps you on your shoulder.

Read the full article here

3 Ways Group Therapy is Better Than Individual Therapy

by Sean Grover in Psychology Today | Sep 08, 2017
group is better than individual article
Are you cycling through the same old relationship problems and making the same mistakes over and over again?

Individual therapy is ideal for helping you understand your history, fears, and insecurities.

Read the full article here

Why Group Therapy Worked

by David Payne in The New York Times | August 2015

Why did group therapy work when individual didn’t? Part of it was that having nine different mirrors reflect back my problematic behavior brought into brilliant and incontrovertible light what I had been able to avoid confronting in a one-on-one exchange.

Read full article here





Group Therapy NPR Show

*Featuring AGPA Members Tony Sheppard PsyD, CGP, FAGPA and Judith Coche PhD, ABPP, CGP, LFAGPA

 State of Affairs Radio Program | 2013

group therapy npr show tony sheppardIs Group Therapy Effective with Drs. Tony Sheppard and Judith Coche. State of Affairs radio program, WFPL, Louisville.

Listen to full radio interview here.

Treating Mental Illness With Psychotherapy

*Featuring AGPA Member and Past President Jeffrey L. Kleinberg, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA

by Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh in the KPBS | Feb 23, 2010

Dr. Jeffrey Kleinberg discusses the changing nature of psychotherapy and the balancing act between medication and talk therapy to treating mental health issues.

Listen to full radio interview here.

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