Public Information and Legislative Initiatives

AGPA actively promotes the awareness of group psychotherapy as a treatment alternative to the public, patients/clients, potential sources of referrals, creators and public policy, third-party payers, and educators.

AGPA is an active participant in the Mental Health Liaison Group, a consortium of mental health organizations which cooperates on public information and legislative initiatives. As part of its work with the Mental Health Liaison Group, AGPA:

  • Supports consumer protection legislation (Bill S.1890) for those enrolled in managed care;

  • Supports confidentiality protections for all healthcare conditions, particularly mental illness;

  • Endorses legislative and regulatory initiatives to increase appropriations for mental and behavioral healthcare research funding;

  • Promotes the recognition of group psychotherapy as a core mental health service and credentialing of group psychotherapists;

  • Consults with accrediting organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance regarding the inclusion of behavioral healthcare standards into their review standards.

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Legislative Initiatives