Qualifications for Fellowship

Dear Applicant:

Fellowship in AGPA is an honor. It demonstrates outstanding professional competence and leadership capacities. Fellowship enhances the reputation of both the Fellow and the Association, as Fellows represent, in a visible way, the highest quality of the Association. The Fellowship Committee takes five areas of activity into consideration and expects that candidates have shown excellence and leadership in at least two, one of which must be leadership in AGPA, the Affiliate Societies and other Group Psychotherapy related organizations.

The Fellowship and Awards Committee reviews the applicant's professional experiences and then decides whom to recommend to AGPA's Board of Directors. The Board makes the final decision by vote.

When filling out applications, candidates must consider the stated criteria in the "Professional Activities Considered for Fellowship." Candidates must list relevant experiences in General Leadership and in at least one other category. It is important to provide specific details, including: dates, titles, location and responsibilities. For presentations, length, title and sponsoring organization are important. If presentations are used to fulfill leadership requirements, they should be listed under "leadership;" the same presentations cannot be used again to fulfill requirements for teaching and training or other areas.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE TYPED. This will enable a most thorough consideration by the committee.

Local and Regional Societies:  All applications are reviewed not only by the Fellowship Committee but are also sent to the Regional and Local Societies for their perspectives. The Fellowship Committee takes into consideration the recommendations of the Regional and Local Societies.

Ethical Standing:  Candidates are expected to conform to standards of ethical practice in their professional organizations and within AGPA.

Invitation of a Fellowship Application:  Any AGPA member who has been a CERTIFIED GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPIST or PROFESSIONAL member for a minimum of 5 years can submit an application if it is sponsored by two Fellows. The Affiliates Societies or National Association Fellowship and Awards Committee may also propose candidates. The AGPA Fellowship and Awards Committee always welcomes suggestions for suitable candidates. An application is available by clicking here, or through the AGPA Office.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Fellowship and Awards Committee