Ilfeld, Barbara (2)

Barbara Ilfeld, MSN, RNCS, FAGPA, CGP-R

For 30 years, along with my husband Fred Ilfeld, MD, I have donated financially to the well-being and thriving of the AGPA through the Group Foundation. In addition, for 14 years I have contributed my time serving on the Group Foundation Board of Directors. The Group Foundation inspires me in so many ways to continue giving as it supports the work of the AGPA: educating group therapists through AGPA Connect; offering online and other educational events; providing scholarships for students and early professionals to AGPA Connect; providing outreach throughout the world in times of natural or man-made disasters; and supplying monies for valuable research projects.

The AGPA has become my professional family to which I feel a strong allegiance and for which I have a deep passion. I am grateful to have the resources of time and money to give back to the organization that has nurtured me for 30 years. I want to see my AGPA family thrive so other professionals can benefit as I certainly have from all that it has to offer.

Whether it is talking to the many scholarship recipients at AGPA Connect or feeling a deep sense of pride when I tell people about the amazing things the AGPA does in our world as a result of funding from the Group Foundation, I am thrilled to be part of a team that helps make it all happen—our Group Foundation Board. I continually learn from and am inspired by our team, an impressive group of professionals who share ideas, expertise, and comradery at face-to-face meetings, phone conference calls, and particularly enjoyable, meaningful and productive retreats, where we stimulate each other with ideas on how to reach out to the greater community to financially support the work of the AGPA.

Two of my most rewarding involvements are our donations to the Foundation's Scholarship Fund and my mentoring of new group therapy professionals. Our new professionals are the future of the AGPA, assuring the longevity and ongoing leadership of our organization. l love doing my part to keep our AGPA family thriving while our new members and leaders grow into our community.