Friday, March 4, 2022, 10:45 AM -11:45 AM Eastern

The Future of Group Therapy is Bright!

Supported by the Anne and Ramon Alonso Educational Endowment Fund’s contributions to the Group Foundation Education Endowment

Featured Speaker: Gary M Burlingame, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA 

Burlingame Gary

We begin with a watershed moment—a member harmed by the group—that led to a career-long search for the properties of effective group treatment. The power of a therapeutic group relationship is essential to create safety and effectively engage members in therapeutic here-and-now process. The three flows of compassion-focused therapy (self-compassion, compassion for others and receiving passion from others) can create the relationship resilience to handle difficult group moments. With this context, we end with one view on how evidence-based group treatment creates a promising future for group therapy. 

Gary M Burlingame, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA is Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Brigham Young University. He is affiliated with the clinical psychology doctoral program where he teaches group psychotherapy and co-leads BYU’s Consortium for Group Psychotherapy Research and Practice. His clinical settings include the Utah State Psychiatric Hospital and BYU CAPS.  His scholarly work on small group treatments and measurement have produced 60+ books, technical manuals and chapters and 150+ articles. He’s received national (American Psychological Association; American Group Psychotherapy Association) and international (German College of Psychosomatic Medicine) recognition for his training and scholarship including being a Distinguished Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.