76th Annual Conference Sessions and Workshops
Friday, March 1 (Overview)

Early Bird Open Sessions

Early Morning Colloquies
Anne and Ramon Alonso Plenary Address
All-Day Course
All-Day Workshops
Morning Open Sessions
Morning Workshops
Lunch-Time Open Session

Cinema Presentation
Afternoon Open Sessions (2:30-4:00 pm)
Afternoon Workshops (2:30-4:00 pm)
Afternoon Open Sessions (4:30-6:00 pm)

Afternoon Workshops (4:30-6:00 pm)

Group Foundation Dance Party


Event Descriptions for Friday

Early Bird Open Sessions
7:15 8:15 A.M. 


Session 206: Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research 
Cheri Marmarosh, PhD, Chair

Compassion-Focused Group Therapy: A Test of Moderators to Explain Differential Outcomes – Gary Burlingame, PhD, CGP, FAGPA; Kara Cattani, PhD; Jennifer Jensen, JD; Harold Svien, BS

Session also on Thursday (7:15-8:15 A.M.)

Session 207: Cultural Considerations in Offering Mindfulness-Based Groups
Kate Czar, PhD, Chair
Kimberly Burdine, PhD, MS

Session 208: Drop-in Medication Groups and Other Creative Ideas for Psychiatrist Led Group Therapy
Juliana Fort, MD
Shunda McGahee, MD

Session 209: The Two Pillars of Recovery: A Way to Understand and Cope with Addiction
Geoffrey Kane, MD, MPH


Early Morning Colloquies
7:15 8:15 A.M.

Colloquy 3: The Rite of Passage of San Silvestro in Troina (Italy): Case Study with a Social Dreaming Matrix and Dreams Icons
Domenico Agresta, MA
Alessio Bianconi
Giuseppina Marolla


Colloquy 4: PR 101- Building Your "Elevator Speech" for Groups (AGPA Leadership Track)
Jenna Noah, MA

Colloquy 5: The Risks and Rewards of Group Surf Therapy
Markus Rogan, PsyD, LMFT


Annual Anne and Ramon Alonso Plenary Address
8:30 – 9:45 A.M.

Trying Not to Look Ahead

Joyce Slochower, PhD, ABPP

We therapists think a great deal about the impact of early loss, trauma, and conflict on patient and analyst's experience in the present.  We’re accustomed to making these links and helping people unpack and move beyond their personal ghosts.  But there’s a future ghost that most of us evade.  It’s the ghost of who we will become—of our own aging and the changes it portends. How will we manage the impending diminishment of capacity that comes with aging?  How will we help our patients confront it in us and in themselves? After considering the impact—personal and theoretical—of aging on us as therapists, Dr. Slochower explores how aging may inform our relationship to the work we do.

Dr. Joyce Slochower is Professor Emerita of Psychology at Hunter College & the Graduate Center, CUNY.  Dr. Slochower is faculty and supervisor at the NYU Postdoctoral Program, Steven Mitchell Center, National Training Program of NIP (all in New York), Philadelphia Center for Relational Studies in Philadelphia and the PINC in San Francisco.  She is on the Editorial Boards of Psychoanalytic Dialogues, Ricerca Psicoanalitica and Perspectives in Psychoanalysis and is on the Board of the IARPP.  Dr. Slochower has published over 80 articles on various aspects of psychoanalytic theory and technique.  Second Editions of her two books, Holding and Psychoanalysis: A Relational Perspective (1996) and Psychoanalytic Collisions (2006), were released in 2014 by Routledge. She is Co-Editor, with Lew Aron and Sue Grand, of De-idealizing Relational Theory: a Critique from Within and Decentering Relational Theory: a Comparative Critique (2017). She is in private practice in New York City where she sees individuals and couples, runs supervision and study groups. 



All-Day Course
10:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. & 2:30 – 5:00 P.M.

(Registration will only be accepted for both the morning and afternoon sessions.)

C3. Group Structure, Process and Content: Key Constructs in Therapeutic Applications of Group Analysis
John Schlapobersky, BA, MSC, CGP


All-Day Workshops
10:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. & 2:30 – 5:00 P.M.

(Registration will only be accepted for both the morning and afternoon sessions.)

Workshop 31a: Living Out Loud: Attuning the Leader's Voice
Dennis Foley, PsyD

Workshop 32a: Enhancing Empathy and Attachment in Process Groups Using Mindfulness and Psychodramatic Techniques
Sue Barnum, MA, TEP, CGP
Jana Rosenbaum, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA

Master Workshop 33a: Workshop in Relational Theory and Technique
Richard Billow, PhD, ABPP, CGP

Workshop 34a: Introduction to Modern Group Process
Alice Brown, PsyD, CGP
Christopher Dolin, LCSW-R

Workshop 35a: Leadership Development: Transferring Group Therapy Skills to Business Culture
Rick Tivers, LCSW, CGP

Morning Open Sessions
10:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Session 307: Being a Group Therapist in Times of Political and Social Upheaval:  This is Difficult!
Lorraine Wodiska, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Bonnie Buchele, PhD, ABPP, CGP, DLFAGPA
Earl Hopper, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA
Karen Travis, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAGPA

Session 308: From the Couch to the Screen: Internet Delivered (Group) Therapy
Haim Weinberg, PhD, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Bonnie Goldstein, LSSW, PhD
Rakefet Keret-Karavani, MA

Session 309: Neuroscience of Systems-Centered’s Functional Subgrouping: Beyond Stereotyping (Us vs. Them) to Exploring Differences (We)
Katie Steele, PhD, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Susan Gantt, PhD, ABPP, CGP, DFAGPA
Dorothy Gibbons, MSS, LCSW, CGP
Robert Hartford, LICSW, CGP

Morning Workshops
10:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Workshop 36: To Group or Not To Group: Assessment and Preparation of Potential Group Members
David Heilman, PsyD
Liz Marsh, MSW
Jen McLish, MSW
Rob Williams, MSW, CGP

Workshop 37: Our Diversities/Ourselves: The Impact of our Diverse Cultural Identities on our Work with Groups
Marti Kranzberg, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA
Reginald Nettles, PhD, CGP

Workshop 38: The Healing Power of Mirrors and Mirroring in Group Therapy
Sima Ariam, PhD, CGP

Workshop 39: Authenticity in Leadership: Uses of Self in Group Work
Elizabeth Dietrich, MSW

Master Workshop 40: Effective and Efficient Supervision: Doing It in Group
Arthur Gray, PhD

Workshop 41: Together in Song: The Power of Communal Singing to Elevate Mood and Increase Group Cohesion
Geraldine Alpert, PhD, CGP, LFAGPA

Workshop 42: The Sound & Color of Silence:  A Glance to Silence in Group
Daniella Bassis, MA

Workshop 43: Core Integrative CBT Skills for Adult ADHD Groups
Greg Crosby, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop 44: Addressing Existential Issues in a Buddhist Mental Health Support Group
Bethany Phoenix, PhD, MS, RN

Workshop 45: You Can See Me Lost, You Can See Me Found: Addiction, Trauma, and Resilience
Marcia Nickow, PsyD, CADC, CGP
Deborah Schwartz, MD, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop 46: Exploring the Language Barrier: The Sound of Emotions in Spanish (Conducted in Spanish)
Joan Coll, MD

Workshop 47: The Good Enough Child & Adolescent Group Therapist: Integrating our Failures in Groups
Tony Sheppard, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA
Zachary Thieneman, PsyD, CGP

Master Workshop 48: Build a Bridge to Your Aging Self: Think and Communicate Successfully
Anne Ziff, LMFT, CGP

Workshop 49: Building Healthy Affiliates, Revitalizing the Struggling Board (AGPA Leadership Track)
Paul Berkelhammer, MA, LMHC, CP, CGP
Randall Dunagan, MS, MFT
Catherine Reedy, LCSW, LMFT, LCADC, CGP

Lunch-Time Open Session
1:00 – 2:15 P.M.

LG-2: The Large Group
Consultants are faculty members of the National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Active Consultants: 
Mary Dluhy, MSW, CGP, FAGPA
Leon Paparella, MSW, CGP
Robert Schulte, MSW, CGP, FAGPA
Rosemary Segalla, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA
Ayana Watkins-Northern, PhD

Observer Consultants:
Kavita Avula, PsyD
Reginald Nettles, PhD, CGP

Also offered on Thursday (1:00-2:15 P.M.) and Saturday, (2:00-4:30 P.M.).
Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions.

Cinema Presentation
2 Hour Session
2:30 – 4:30 P.M.

CP-1: An Examination of Jennifer Fox’s THE TALE:  The Power of Outreach and Group Process to Educate, Inspire, and Bring Change  
Jennifer Fox
SaraKay Smullens, MSW, BCD, CFLE, CGP

Afternoon Open Sessions
2:30 – 4:00 P.M.

Session 210-5: Teaching Group Across Borders: Culture, Context, and Adaptation
Anne McEneaney, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA, Chair
Mark Beecher, PhD, ABPP, CGP
Gaea Logan, LPC-S, CGP, FAGPA

Session 211-5: Training Residents in Affective Attunement and Emotional Process: Four Group Models
Pamela Menter, MA, ATR, Chair
Chap Attwell, MD, MPH
Darryl Pure, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA

William Watson, PhD, CGP, FAPA

Session 212-5: A Cultural Bridge for Leaders of Groups for Active and Former Military: Need for Training in Military Cultural Competency
Nina Brown, EdD, LPC, NCC, FAGPA, Chair
Christina La Croix, BA
Helene Satz, PsyD, ABPP, CGP
Joe Wise, MD, CGP


Afternoon Workshops
2:30 – 4:00 P.M.

Workshop 50-5: Differences that Make a Difference: Diversity, Group Leader and Co-Leader Relationships
Sophia Chang-Caffaro, PsyD

Workshop 51-5: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Promoting Your Group Psychotherapy Practice but Were Afraid to Ask
Maria Gray, LMFT, CGP

Workshop 52-5: The Impact of Acupuncture on the Group Therapy Process
Trace Albrecht, LAC, MTOM
Lisa Powell, PhD, CGP

Workshop 53-5: Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk in Group Therapy:  Ethical and Clinical Considerations
Erica Lennon, PsyD
Rebecca MacNair-Semands, PhD, CGP, FAGPA


Workshop 54-5: Applying Mindfulness for our Groups and Ourselves
Julie Garson, PsyD
Mark Mason, PhD


Workshop 55-5: Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM) for Group Psychotherapy and Coaching
Sunita Rai, PsyD

Workshop 56-5: Living Improv: Using Improvisation to Access the Group Here-and-Now
Elizabeth Ehrenberg, MSW, LCSW

Workshop 57-5: Fostering Authentic Personal Intimacy Through Mixed-Media Journaling and Group Process

Annie Danberg, LMFT
Shira Marin, PhD

Workshop 58-5: Connecting the Unforgotten: Integrative Approach for Creative Reminiscences
Noha Sabry, MD, CGP

Workshop 59-5: Utilizing Tools from Expressive Arts Therapies for Groups with the Medically Ill
Juliana Fort, MD
Clyde Knox
Eleanore Knox, MD

Workshop 60-5: Context and the Interpretive Act: Developing the Language of the Matrix for Consulting Work with Organizations
Christine Oliver, PhD

Workshop 61-5: Overcoming Obstacles as Group Coordinator: Inspiring Thriving Group Programs in UCCs and Other Settings
Shemika Brooks, PsyD
Katherine Isaza, PsyD
Niki Keating, PhD


Afternoon Open Sessions
4:30 – 6:00 P.M.
Session 213-5: When Microaggressions Make a Large Impact on a Small Group
Shemika Brooks, PsyD
Nathasha Hahn, PhD


Session 214-5: Group Training and Supervision in University Counseling Centers: Attending to Multiple Aspects of Supervisor and Supervisee Experiences
Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia, PhD, Chair
Vinny Dehili, PhD
Shenette Scille, PsyD
Marcée Turner, PhD
Kseniya Zhuzha, PhD

Session 215-5: Forming and Maintaining the Modern Analytic Practitioner
Elliot Zeisel, PhD, LCSW, CGP, DFAGPA, Chair
Patricia Florence, LCSW, CGP
Allen Lambert, LCSW
Teresa Snell, MSW

Afternoon Workshops
4:30 – 6:00 P.M.

Workshop 62-5: Money Issues in Group Psychotherapy
Art Raisman, PhD, CGP

Workshop 63-5: One Less Hurdle: Peer Group Consultation for Clinicians of Color by Clinicians of Color
Brenda Boatswain, PhD, CGP

Workshop 64-5: Life Staging® – Using Group Sculpting for Creative Supervision and Group Work
Elisabet Wollsén, MSc Psych

Workshop 65-5: "I'm More Than What You See": The Digital Self and Group Psychotherapy
Lindsey Randol, PsychD
David Songco, MA, PsyD, CGP

Workshop 66-5: Slaying the Dragon: Using Role-Playing Games to Facilitate Social Skills Development
Christopher Chapman, PsyD

Workshop 67-5: Using Adventure-Based Counseling Methods with Interpersonal Therapy Groups
Barney Straus, MSW, MA, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop 68-5: (4+) Freedom and Responsibility: The Role of Choice in Existential Group Psychotherapy
Christen Cummins, MSW, LCSW

Workshop 69-5: Mind, Body, Being: A Group that Uses Yoga and Meditation to Address Negative Body Image
Carissa Ruf, MPH
Jude Uy, PhD
Lisa Westreich, LCSW

Workshop 70-5: Integrative CBT Job Readiness Groups for Offenders
Carolyn Waterfall, MS

Workshop 71-5: Clay Therapy Group – Working Alone Together as a Way to Access Emotional Expression
Elizabeth (Liz) Rosenblatt, PsyD

Workshop 72-5: Utilizing Attachment Theory in Multifamily Groups in an Adolescent Residential Treatment Center
Oliver Drakeford, MA, LMFT
Evan Perlo, AMFT
Cindy Weathers, MA, LMFT, CGP

Memorial Session
6:15-7:30 P.M.

A time to commemorate members of the AGPA family we have lost this past year.

Group Foundation Dance Party
9:00 P.M.

This year’s party will feature music played by DJ Jon Brown. He is a New York native who has been entertaining the masses for 20 years and began as a professional break-dancer. He quickly expanded his skill-set and became one of New York’s most sought after DJs. Moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Jon took his stellar reputation from the East Coast and built a massive following on the West Coast, mixing music of all genres. We hope that you will be partying with us into the wee hours of the morning as we dance to the latest and greatest hits of our

This event is included with the five-day Institute and Conference package or the three-day Conference registration.

 Click here to register now!
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